#New tracks on Soundcloud.

#Unbound video perfomance of Mysterious journey  in Tulsa Oklahoma.

#Mysterious journey will be performed live at Jacob`s pillow.

#Working on a new exciting PUSH and VRM box review!

#Living arts from Tulsa will be presenting my song Mysterious journey live.

#I just signed a contract with award winning multi media company from NY.

#Alan Tam`s album is just released by Universal Hong Kong.
See the official video with my song here.

#Testing new exciting software for the Music store mag.

#A new song composed by Jiri Janis should be released on a new album
of a famous Asia singer called Alan Tam.

#Howcast (New York) was awarded as one of the best webs
in the world by the Time magazine.

#I also participate on reviews of musical and sound software
for a famous Czech magazine called Music store.

#I have finished two projects for Digital Juice (Florida)
Promo video! Worship StackTraxx Release date - 5th of Sep.2008

#Jiri Janis won Mark Mothersbaugh`s Berklee Scholarship!
Mark was a former member of Devo, now running company called Mutato .

#Some tracks are represented by Soundscape media. (Toronto)

#Some of the Jiri`s songs were compared to Peter Gabriel's work
by Berklee's  professor Michael Moss.

#Jiri Janis has become a member of SESAC.

All music composed by Jiri Janis 2017